Run faster, more productive meetings right from your calendar

Re:Schedule integrates your Google calendar with agendas, notes & tasks.
So you can make every meeting focused, efficient & productive.

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Eliminate the overhead of running meetings

Use just one app to run effective meetings. No accounts, permissions, sharing, folders or other overhead.

Without Re:Schedule
Document App

Create a document.

Document App

Set up permissions.

Calendar app

Add meeting agenda.

Calendar app

Create an invitation.

Calendar app

Add document link to invitation.

Document App

Take notes.

Task manager

Assign action items.

Email App

Send follow up email.

With Re:Schedule
With Re:Schedule

Create an invitation with agenda.

With Re:Schedule

Take notes.

With Re:Schedule

Assign action items.

    Re:Schedule eliminates meeting overhead by bringing your meeting workflow into shared meeting workspaces.

    Shared workspaces for productive meetings

    Re:Schedule's workspaces bring your meeting content into one shared location. Plan your agenda, take notes, assign action items, and more. Re:Schedule syncs to participants' calendars in real-time. So everyone is on the same page.

    Plan your agenda, take notes and assign action items using Re:Schedule's shared meeting workspaces.
    Plan a productive day using a detailed view into your day with Re:Schedule's agenda screen

    Be ready for your day

    Get an in-depth look into your day so nothing falls through the cracks. See meeting details like the agenda and your tasks due. Block time to prepare for the discussion or complete an action item before the meeting.

    Your meeting notes, effortlessly organized

    Find meeting notes easily in your calendar.  No navigating folders, setting up permissions or sending email links. Notes are automatically formatted, organized and shared with meeting participants.

    Meeting notes are easy to find right in your calendar
    Manage your tasks and action items right from your calendar.

    Easy task management with your calendar

    Meetings and tasks are the primary demands on your time. Efficiently manage them both from the place you actually manage your time - your calendar. Re:Schedule offers full task management for you and your team.

    Getting started is simple

    Re:Schedule syncs with your existing Google Calendar account. You can collaborate with your team mates even if they're not on Re:Schedule. It automatically emails them meeting notes and tasks so you're always on the same page.

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    A powerful native app experience

    See today's tasks and meetings. Or quickly glance at the details for your next meeting.
    The information you need, always at hand.
    Siri shortcuts allow you to easily add a task or a meeting on the go
    Voice Shortcuts
    Easily add tasks or meetings wherever you are.
    Keyboard shortcuts for frequent actions.
    Keyboard Shortcuts
    Perform common actions at the speed of an expert.
    Automate your meeting workflow with Shortcuts
    Get more done with less work.
    Dark mode for your calendar
    Dark Mode
    Rest your eyes. Or just change your mood.
    All your meeting and action item notifications in one place.
    Unified Notifications
    Notifications for meetings, notes and tasks in one place.


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