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Meetings. Tasks. Notes.

Why Re: Schedule ?

Organize Your Work
Organize Your Work
Your calendar does not know your tasks and your task management app does not know about your meetings. Re:Schedule understands both your schedule and your tasks. That way you can organize your days, weeks and months more easily.
Run Better Meetings
Run Better Meetings
Running late to a meeting with no time to prepare? Wouldn’t it be great if you could see all your meeting information at the touch of a button? With Re:Schedule you can.
Simplify Your Collaboration
Simplify Your Collaboration
Action items are in one app, buried deep in a project. Meeting notes are in a document buried elsewhere in a folder. Some in your team may not have access to the project while others can't find the document. There has to be a better way. Re:Schedule.

Much More Than a Calendar

Much More Than a Calendar
Tasks & Meetings Together
See tasks that are due today, this week or this month right in your calendar. Now you can plan your entire schedule, not just your meetings. ​
Block Off Task Time
You can block off time for a task by simply dragging it over to your calendar. Organize your day better with time for meetings and time allocated for completing tasks. ​
Sync With Google Calendar
Re:Schedule syncs with your Google Calendar. Simply sign in with your Google account and we'll take care of the rest.

Tasks & Action Items Simplified

Tasks & Action Items Simplified

Assign. Track. Complete.

Manage not just your own tasks but also assign action items to your teammates and track them.
You can even assign tasks to teammates who are
not yet on Re:Schedule.

Attach Tasks to Meetings

You can add tasks to meetings right as you are
taking notes, so that you remember to discuss
them at the next meeting.

Meeting Notes at Your Fingertips

Meeting Notes at Your Fingertips

Take Notes Easily

Simply tap on a meeting or a meeting notification
and start taking notes right in your calendar.

Find Notes Quickly

Notes are organized by meetings so that you
know exactly where to find them. No more
digging through folders and looking for weirdly
named documents.

Miss a meeting?

Tap on the meeting in your calendar once it
is completed and see the notes shared for it.
Re:Schedule also understands recurring meetings,
so that you can easily review what was discussed in
previous meetings right from the meeting screen.

Share with a Tap

Re:Schedule generates beautiful, organized notes.
Notes are shared automatically with meeting
participants. You can also share them with others
not at the meeting.

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